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Originally Posted by ariel24 View Post
wow thanks for all the replys people.. I know 24 isnt THAT old but when everyone around you is settling down or at least have a boyfriend, i dont even really want a bf though its just everyone ALWAYS asks me all the time, it really bugs me, its like people can actually like being single you know!!
I'm actually learning to drive which i think is a step forward, SO glad i do not mind my driving instructor he isnt intimidating or anything but it still doesnt stop me dreading EVERY lesson and feeling so nervous, not about driving but i get anxious about if i dont have anything to say to him ( i know that sounds stupid ) another thing does any1 worry about the future? i often worry i wont get a decent job ever and will have no money to even afford a home of my own, and it sometimes really keeps me up at night!
Again I can relate to all that. I learned to drive approx 5 years ago now and havent owned a car since! Like you I feared every lesson, even though I passed my test on 2nd attempt which is quite a success considering my high levels of anxiety. Unfortunately the SA has held me back from getting a "proper" stable job to allow me to get my own car, now I kinda fear driving due to lack of experience as well .

Probably my biggest fear is what you have described, the future. Unless I can get over the SA involved in finding work and keeping work I wonder how I am ever going to become independant, move out of parents home and live a mature life!
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