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Hi I'm 28, single, living at home too. I lived with room mates when I went to University, but really was on my own mostly as I didn't exactly gel with some room mates. I do have a friend I hang out with from time to time. I'm fortunate because he has been patient with me and stood by me through some rough times. Where other people I used to call friends just got frustrated and left because they didn't understand my issues at all. I've tired to stand by my best friend and his wife, though I'll admit anxiety has gotten the better of me sometimes. I do work part time and honestly even though it's only part time I'm happy to be working at all. As it gets me out meeting with new people which I think has helped a bit with my anxiety as I'm getting more used to people. Also it has allowed me to communicate with the opposite sex, make friends with them, and even attempt to flirt with them and ask them out. Though I'll admit that has definitely been rocky for me and I still get really anxious when talking to girls I like. Not one for the club and bar scene either but I'll go to Boston pizza or to a pub with my friend if say there is a UFC fight or big hockey game on. My parents used to badger me more about getting out more but since both me and my sister have been diagnosed with anxiety /depression they have realized they need to support us not badger us. Though before my first major panic attack it was pretty rough with them.

Just know that you are not alone in this fight. Most people don't realize just how much it takes for us to even walk out the door some days. Some people might consider us head cases but if they had to walk a mile in our shoes I doubt most of them would be able to make it half as far as we have.
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