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Originally Posted by ariel24 View Post
...............And dont really have a social life :/ I do have the off friend, but we dont have that much in common when it comes to going out, she loves to 'party' etc and I'm just not into it anymore. I sometimes feel ok about wanting to stay in and be alone because i really dont mind it, but there are times like now for instance, where I feel like an utter loser who has NO life. I think my mum and dad must also think i am abnormal for not going out etc. Work is bad too i have been signed off with depression because i also have OCD (pure o) if anyone knows what that is. I am scared to go back and because i hate being around other people i am not comfortable with and always think they are patronizing me or again think i am a 'loser'
Is there anyone else out there who is similar to me??
Yea. I can relate.
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