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I have the same


Im 33 and have the same pathology as you mentionned. It is very comforting seeing that there are other people with the same problem. It began 3 yers ago with a sensation of falling or being sucked up by the sky. Then it reinforced with obsessional thinking about it and images coming in my head of emptiness, space, sky,tall buildings...

I have done a behavioral cognitive therapy, it helped but didn t solve the problem. I have good periods and bad periods, often in relationship with other events in my life. I found that moving to another city or leving my job made the problem worse.

I also have social anxiety and i wonder if those 2 problems are related because it doesn t seem to be a coincidence that people talking about this problem are in a social anxiety forum ?
I also have the problem with high ceilings and during the night. Noisy places are even more problematic. Cloudy weather is better for me tha a big blue sky.

Now, im having an EMDR therapy, i hope this will help. Regarding the question with separation anxiety, i suffer from this so you are perhaps right.

Last thing, did any of you made research about physiological problems, like for instance eyes problems, or posture problems ? I learned that posture and eyes problems can Decrease your balance and create anxiety.

I wish to all of you to get out of this condition, it is really ruining life as you cant escape to the sky and emptiness.
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