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I've tried a few different herbal things, and valerian is the only one that does anything. It has a definite sedative effect which helps with feelings of panic. It doesn't completely eliminate anxiety, but some days it helps a lot.

The gelatin capsules smell pretty bad, so you can't carry them around for unexpected situations.

I take 1 or 2 capsules of "Valerian Root 530 mg by Nature's Way". The recommended sleeping dose is 3 capsules. I feel like I might be developing a tolerance already, though.

There are also "Nature's Way Valerian Nighttime" tablets with lemon balm also, and they don't smell very bad.

Originally Posted by Jericho187 View Post
Just a precaution to anyone using Valerian Root. I highly advise you to get your liver enzymes checked periodically.
That would require visiting a doctor, which requires not having social anxiety.

Valerian can cause liver damage as a side effect. I took Valerian Root for over a month and I was eventually admitted to the hospital with cramping, nausea, vomiting, and jaundice. It's funny because I'm a pharmacist and I only realized that the Valerian was the cause of my symptoms when the Dr asked me what meds I'm taking.

The ER doc thought it was so bad that he reported it to the Health Canada Adverse Reaction Database. Here is the entry:

I was only taking 400 mg at bedtime and it did work for sleep, not so much for anxiety.
That link doesn't work. So you were taking 400 mg daily for a month and had that severe of a reaction? What brand? Do you have a liver disease?
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