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Originally Posted by jonny neurotic View Post
Empirical data or GTFO. What is so bad about my outlook? I like to see evidence and the evidence for this is non-existent. So please, take your protestations elsewhere...

I've tried many other supplements in the past year and didn't feel any positive effects from them, for the past year I have been very depressed, lost my job because I couldn't focus and forgot how to do stuff (web developer) had no energy......first few times I took L-Tyrosine I had a huge burst of energy/adrenaline feeling......almost like a panic attack that lasted for 10-12 hours. After a week of taking this supplement my body started to level out and I could actually do work I haven't been able to do in over a year and ran 10km yesterday for the first time in a year as well........the best proof you can get is from personal experience......I'm sure you've tried stuff or had something work for you that apparently was proven otherwise in some study or from others experience.......don't be so closed minded and naive just because of something you read somewhere. I also started taking vitamin b6 a week before this, but didn't feel the effects like I am now since started taking the l-tyrosine.......maybe that's what's making it work so well, either way it's working.
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