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You are having Anxiety. Get into some meditation or yoga, to get your mind to calm down. Sometimes I meditate 3 to 4 times a day, but try twice a day. You can find some good ones on you tube, searching anxiety meditations. You will know when it is a panic attack. I will describe my first one. I start to feel uneasy as if something is not right, and i'm confused. My hands are feeling sweaty and my head feels hot. My heart begins to pound, harder and harder. It's now hard to breathe, and feels like someone sitting on my chest. Normally I am so weak that I can't speak, open my eyes, talk, or move my arms. I just go limp. I feel as if i'm going to die. I can hear voices around me, but hard to talk. I slowly come out of it and in about an hour I feel Normal except for being exhausted. . Mine usually is bad for about 15 minutes. What is really happening is my mind tells my body that I am in danger. I have to fight or flight. Blood is directed to my legs, in case I need to run, which makes my heart pound harder, trying to get blood to my brain. I breath harder preparing my body for more oxygen (needed for running or fighting). I sweat to keep my body cool during the battle.

If at all possible, lay down elevate your legs and breathe slowly from the stomach. This will help you calm down.
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