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Originally Posted by ;1061404857
We can be fully in the present when we are done with the past. Just deciding that we are done with it doesn't make it true. This is a kind of magical thinking
that doesn't work for me. If some incident brought up horrible feelings, those are real and worth talking about.
This isnt magic that applies to every situation in life. I wish I could clear all the misinterpretations but oh well.

Something alot of you guys are writing. No, im not going to force you to take my advice for gold. Honestly, if it helps it helps. If it doesn't it doesn't.

I didn't want to edit the op so I quoted a poster. Though I guess I should put it in my own words as well.

You cant really let go of something until you accept it. How do you accept things, how do you heal things? By cleaning the wound of course. Yes, cleaning the wound will hurt now at that exact moment, but at least you will not constantly bleed or become infected forever. To let go is to accept it as part of you, and to not allow it to hurt you any longer. To no longer "bleed" but accept the wound as there and then patch it up. Instead of pushing the thoughts to the back, bring it to the front, and let it all out. Whether to yourself or to someone you truly trust. (Things like this do in fact begin to lose meaning when it is shared with others.)

This post isn't about just doing some *poof* "I am delusional and everything is fine post." (No that isn't blood dripping down my arm, im totally fine[Not lol.]) No, the message I was trying to send is for people to realize that just letting yourself spiral down isn't a good use of time. "Let it go, dont just mope and wallow" was the message I was trying to tell to you guys.

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