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update on experiment

I tried skimmed milk on its own in attempt to obtain some tyrosine into my bloodstream, maybe I was too impatient but it seemed to be having no effects whatsover about an hour after drinking it, and this was taking it with rhodiola rosea.
So I tried putting a little tyrosine under my tongue and I got an immediate hit, so hopefully this may be something that can be maintainable if the tyrosine dosage is low enough and I continue to drink skimmed milk on its own in the morning to obtain nutrients which balance well with tyrosine. Rhodiola rosea aids in releasing dopamine and seretonin but its also a theory that long term use of rhodiola has the same type of results as an snri or an ssri in that it will make the dopamine and seretonin released by the brain available for longer, by the way goji berries release seretonin
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