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Making friends as an adult, the definite thread

It occurs to me that the biggest problem we have is a possible lack of friends. I mean we can be awkward, and we judge ourselves much more harshly than others judge us, which can make us extremely self conscious, and constantly worrying if we re really fit in, but I think its can be overcome with a good circle of friends.

But as we get older and leave education we get less opportunities to meet people, or at least we're expected to initiate our own and it can be quite hard if you feel burned by school.

What do you think is the best to meet people? I regularly tell people to search for a club or hobby group, because it worked form. I made a bunch of great friends at a pen and paper roleplay group (think dnd) and I wondered if others could to, though for some people this doesn't seem to work out.

I spent a good while googling this topic, a lot of the articles I found were very vague and many repeated the same advice, but these are the best I have come across.


Though I also wonder if theirs anything "secret" to making aquitances into friends, other than time, effort and trying to find any simularities.

Any thoughts anyone?

Edit: had someone suggest this: and it does seem like a concise guide to making friends

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If your lonely I hope this thread helps
This article could be very helpful
This article might be good to
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