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Originally Posted by Volcom23 View Post
I'd already tried meditation and I'm working on it now. I still don't see any results but I could see that my negative thought patterns are slowly subduing. I don't know if meditation really helps me but the idea of mindfulness guided me in my everyday life. Mindfulness is good. Any good books can you suggest that will help me in doing my daily meditation?
Dunno about books, but I have a 'Contentment' App that reminds me every day to enter some positive things and then meditate for a while.

I've never done much with the meditation, but have found journaling and keeping track of my mood to be helpful. When keeping track of my mood I noticed after a while that the ZERO days never lasted more than a few days, so eventually I got used to the idea that whatever I was feeling was temporary and it didn't bother me so much anymore.
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