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I also experience this condition. Because of loneliness you appreciate too much the little things someone gives you and hold them high, when for them you are just another one person in their circle and not even in the close friends.

I have been attached to one 'friend' in school, then another uni and hiding in their shadow and not take action by myself for matters that involved me. In uni Since it was hard for me to present in classes i had been needy for someone to do the job, and although i would prefer to work a project on my own, i couldn't due to severe anxiety. As a result my 'friend' took advantage of my neediness and had me following his program , adjusting to his routine, and i even waited him 1-2 hours of being late for a meeting...

Same thing with my ex gf. She left me due to my SAD symptoms and i was so attached that she was all i had. After 5 years although i knew, i now experience the lonely life i am into. Every day is the same... But i do realise that i should stand by myself and never be attached to anyone that much. Relationships aren't that simple and you have to keep space and live your life for what you are and want to be and not to fulfill others needs and imagination.
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