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This works. I remember it made me zombie-like when I gave a speech over 6 months ago for a speech class. I forgot I had even taken it, so I know it wasn't placebo. I normally look like I'm on crack when I'm speaking to a group of people I don't know in any scenario. The Gaba relaxed me. I slept with my normal sleep schedule, and taking a Gaba was the only change to my regular diet. That was just one of many scenarios and I noticed a difference in mood from taking it.

I don't think a lot people understand that you're supposed to take this on an empty stomach. A lot of supplement labels instruct you to take the supplement with meals, but this one is an exception, where as you're instructed to take this before a meal.

I notice a huge difference when I take this first thing in the morning, as opposed to when I take it maybe a half hour after a meal.
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