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hi folks after suffering for years with anxiety and many different antidepressants that doctors kept giving me never had any effect,they gave me some short term diazepam that helped they said i could not be on these as they are addictive,i have got severe anxiety disorder,social anxiety,panic attacks and low mood,had to give up a good job 5 yrs ago because of this,cant look people in the eye or cant go to appoinments,or talk to people i dont know.if i go anywhere i last so long then i get a fear and have to run home anxiety is crippling,saw a therapist and couldnt work with her as couldnt do the tasks she asked,i have been put on olanzaine teva,i have not started them due to reading all the side effects,andbeen told if u miss a pill you get the shakes and vomit and more,can any one help me on this to put my mind at rest thanks
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