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Originally Posted by jonny neurotic View Post
The masturbation BS did piss me off and for this reason; I have suffered from SA for as long as I can remember and some religious nut-bags want to tell me that it is because I touch myself too much. And don't fool yourself, this is blatant right wing christian BS. I find these religious nuts are just far too interested in other peoples genitals. It's rather perverse, actually.

The website yourbrainonporndotcom is always mentioned and I checked out it's credentials. A whole bunch of articles on the mating habits of rats and some stuff about dopamine receptors but NOTHING of any consequence. Never mind that the real thing gets my dopamine levels going way more than some web based visual aid ever could(of course I am basing that on subjective experience and not an empirical measure of my dopamine transmission but you get the idea).

I bugs me because here we are; low down and strung out and someone wants to tell us its cos we w&nk too munch. F*(k off with that one, BIG TIME...
Yea I agree with alot of people seeming like they are neurotic LOL. Some are just really REALLY ****ing depressed and have a deeply negative view of themselves and the world.

I think I know what your talking about concerning the cognitive part. My anxiety is no more either but Im still learning the "social rules" for lack of a better term, and basically just controlling some thoughts or actions when its not appropriate. For example, Sometimes I just cant think of anything to say, not nervous, but im just there basically strategically conversating. Sometimes it flows naturally, sometimes its like a strategic game.

About the masturbation, I dont remember how the OP worded the posts, but I never took it as THE cause of SA, or being right wing christians, or even obsessing about my genitals lol. I took it as it will help WITH PEOPLE WHO JACK OFF TO COPE. Thats where the problem lies. Plus it leaves you content, and therefore have less ambition.

Plus, I already said it a couple times to other people on those threads that SEX isnt the same as masturbation. I even got a reply saying "Your body doesnt know the difference between orgasm". They are only looking at the surface of things.The point is that sex isnt masturbation. Masturbation is usually accompanied by porn. Masturbation is always associated with lust, NOT love or intimacy, LIKE SEX WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE. Sex with someone you love has many aspects that are positive, unlike masturbation. Its just common sense.

It just bugs me when people say something like "Stopped readaing after the word GOD". Like why be that narrow minded? Sure, they might be atheists, but the thread isnt about religion, its about masturbation. The religion thing is just someone's own beliefs that you can understand in your OWN way.

Also when people come and outright say "THIS DOESNT WORK DONT EVEN TRY".
A few were even saying "WOW. this thread is STILL here? why hasnt this been closed down yet? Where are the mods? C'mon do SOMETHING close it!"
See where Im coming from? So it seems like your not like the rest of those people and have actually gotten laid, thats good because you arent for censorship either. But those narrow minded people, its like they are emotionally offended or dont want to be open about that topic so they think its alrite to make it so NO ONE talks about it.

Anyways, I think I understand what kind of person you are at least a little bit now and hope we can both stay open-minded if not just for the sake of letting people try it for themselves. Nothing wrong with posting opinions or sources, of course, but lets not debunk it all together.
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