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Originally Posted by SomniferumPapi View Post
And i knew you bashed the masturbation thread also. Wow. Did it tick an emotional response from you or what?
The masturbation BS did piss me off and for this reason; I have suffered from SA for as long as I can remember and some religious nut-bags want to tell me that it is because I touch myself too much. And don't fool yourself, this is blatant right wing christian BS. I find these religious nuts are just far too interested in other peoples genitals. It's rather perverse, actually.

The website yourbrainonporndotcom is always mentioned and I checked out it's credentials. A whole bunch of articles on the mating habits of rats and some stuff about dopamine receptors but NOTHING of any consequence. Never mind that the real thing gets my dopamine levels going way more than some web based visual aid ever could(of course I am basing that on subjective experience and not an empirical measure of my dopamine transmission but you get the idea).

I bugs me because here we are; low down and strung out and someone wants to tell us its cos we w&nk too munch. F*(k off with that one, BIG TIME...

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