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Originally Posted by SomniferumPapi View Post
What cognitive deficit are you talking about if you dont mind me asking?
It's difficult to quote you when you put you responses into your quote of my post.

Cognitive deficits relating to social timing, aptness, etc. It is a common theme in many of the posts of this forum. I don't think everyone here has the same disorder but there are a few like me, who have similar experiences. Some people on here I think are just neurotic as hell. Others have some kind of weird personality disorders. But a few of us have Social Anxiety Disorder. My findings are that this has something to do with the orbital cortex and the glutamatergic system but I ma still refining my theory...

In response to some of the other stuff you wrote;

I don't know where you are coming from but how can I believe EVERYTHING yet disagree with what I have read here about tyrosine? To quote an old robot phrase, "DOES NOT COMPUTE!"

I don't try to debunk everything. Only that which I feel is bunk...

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Diphenidine and ethylphenidate FTW!

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