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Originally Posted by SomniferumPapi View Post
You must really piss people off for being so narrow-minded.
On what do you base your conclusion that I am narrow minded? Because I am wary of the placebo effect and peoples capacity for self deception? Because I like empirical data? Because I bother to actually research things and have a fair degree of certainty that homeostasis will prevent the upping of an amino acid from upping the levels of a corresponding neurotransmitter. Dopmamine is the precursor to noradrenaline. But elevated dopamine doesn't cause elevated noradrenaline because it just doesn't work like that.

I dont mean to judge, but maybe your only like this on the internet.
lol. There are many people who would seek to disabuse you of that notion.

My biggest problem is you trying to say "It doesnt work, close this thread down, its bull****". Get out of this thread then.
I didn't say the thread should be closed. I am not a fan of censorship.

And i knew you bashed the masturbation thread also. Wow. Did it tick an emotional response from you or what?
Oh, very grown up of you.

Look man, no one is forcing you to give your opinion on these threads.
I know. I'm giving my opinion for the sheer enjoyment of it. What's your excuse?

So if you got nothing to add, best stay out of it. Besides, the masturbation thread has helped some (even 1 person helped would be a positive outcome). Theres alot of negativity and pessimism on this forum, and your in that group of people Ive noticed.
How many times does the placebo effect have to be mentioned?

Yes, I know everyone has a different degree and cause of their anxiety. Its pretty obvious. So right there you are contradicting yourself. Everyone has different degree and cause of SA, therefore everyone will be helped by different means. <---I'd be surprised if you tried to turn that around.
So a few of the people on here were actually suffering from tyrosine deficiency? Who would have guessed it. Now for those of use with real mental health problems some real strategies are in order.

P.S. Are you cured of SA?
Cured? Of the anxiety, yes. Of the basic cognitive deficit which begat the anxiety? No. And I don't think that will ever go away. The anxiety, in the grand scheme of it, was the easy part...

I am currently reposed on a stratum of my own pure abstract awesomeness(cubed)...

Diphenidine and ethylphenidate FTW!

Social anxiety can bite my arse...
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