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Originally Posted by SomniferumPapi View Post
LOL at your close-minded "everythings placebo because it doesnt help me" attitude. I've done my fair share of drugs and can tell what placebo is and isnt. If it doesnt work for you, then that sucks for you buddy. I think you do feel it but it doesnt "cure" you...And thats because nothing is supposed to cure you, you are supposed to use it as a tool.

By the way. other people might not eat fish and meat so throw that point out the window
Well soya protein for that matter. Protein deficiency aside, if all nutritional aspects have been dealt with and a person is still suffering then extra phenylalanine or tyrosine wont do jack. We should do a poll. The results would be interesting. I'll see you in the "Nutrition Supplements and Exercise" forum...

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