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Originally Posted by SomniferumPapi View Post
look man, first of all, know that alot of "studies" are backed by money. Thats just one point I want to make and to not be so one-sided.
D4 receptors have been demonstrated to NOT downregulate in response to agonism. If you can demonstrate otherwise I'd love to read your paper when you publish it in a respected journal.

"Empirical data or GTFO"? What the hell does that mean?
It means what it means. Without empirical data there really is no debate. People say homeopathy and dowsing works but where is the evidence?

Theres "evidence" that some SSRI's are relatively safe, yet the deaths behind them (even infant deaths) are covered up real good and doesnt hit the media. Try to research deeper into things with an open mind and look at both sides of it.
I look at as many sides as I can. You are fudging the issue by going of on a tangent. Stick to the issue at hand.

Im not saying your wrong, but you coming in here bashing a treatment isnt necessarily helping anyone. In fact its totally detrimental. What if someone read your post thinking that you seemed very knowledgeable and never tried it? What if it would of worked for them?
If tyrosine was an effective treatment for SA there would be more than just a couple of posts in favour of it. I would question everything about the cases where it "appears" to work. First of all what is the extent of these individuals' SA? How is it effecting there lives? How long have they suffered from SA. What kind of symptoms do they experience and how often? Is it possible that they suffer from schizotypal personality disorder(very important that one)? How long have they been using tyrosine and what improvements have they noted? How great a reduction in symptoms have they experienced? What kinds of things can they do now that they couldn't before? How reliable are the effects(there's no point in sayng that it worked last tuesday but things haven't quite been as good since)?

There are so many factors to take into account and no empirical data whatsoever. I am not mearly skeptical of this I am, frankly, annoyed by the existence of this thread. It is right up there with the "Stop masturbating" and the "you just need to accept it" threads...

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