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Originally Posted by jonny neurotic View Post
Go away. If you bothered to do even a preliminary amount of research you would see that the D4 receptor(the one that is implicated in ADHD) does not downregulate, ergo no tolerance...

Thank you. Goodbye...
Originally Posted by jonny neurotic View Post
Empirical data or GTFO. What is so bad about my outlook? I like to see evidence and the evidence for this is non-existent. So please, take your protestations elsewhere...
look man, first of all, know that alot of "studies" are backed by money. Thats just one point I want to make and to not be so one-sided. "Empirical data or GTFO"? What the hell does that mean? Theres "evidence" that some SSRI's are relatively safe, yet the deaths behind them (even infant deaths) are covered up real good and doesnt hit the media. Try to research deeper into things with an open mind and look at both sides of it.

Im not saying your wrong, but you coming in here bashing a treatment isnt necessarily helping anyone. In fact its totally detrimental. What if someone read your post thinking that you seemed very knowledgeable and never tried it? What if it would of worked for them?

Point made.
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