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Originally Posted by gregd666 View Post
Tyrosine MUST be taken with 5HTP (or tryptophan ). When you raise one neurotransmitter pre-cursor you lower the other. Tyrosine also does not produce a tolerance. You need to start taking methylation co-factors to keep it working. Cystiene being the best. You don't need to take 5htp or tyrosine apart, or on an empty stomach or with a carbohydrate. Little was understood about amino acids but now it is being discovered that there is a lot of myth surrounding their use.

Google Dr. Dan Kalish- Brain drain, which is a very good podcast.

I havent looked that up yet but its not NEEDED to take 5htp with it...Plus if i took tyrosine with food I wouldnt even feel it.

TO EVERYONE TAKING TYROSINE: take it on an empty stomach atleast 30-min to an hour before eating. And take some b vitamins with it. Im prettty sure Vitamin C is good to take with it also but its worked without it.

If you dont like stimulants, you wont like tyrosine. I had anxiety physically but tyrosine didnt make me more anxious because i was happy, content and stimulated enough to focus on the positive.
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