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Originally Posted by Billywig View Post
It made me worse, it didn't actually remove any anxiety at all. By exposing myself over and over again it just got worse until I lost all my mental energy. Then I had extreme SA and depression.
If you were looking at where you started on a stress scale from 0-10, I am confident you started too high. You must make a hierarchy and start at the bottom, starting too high will do exactly what you described, make you so distressed you cannot keep it up.

Also, how are you doing the exposure therapy. You must stay until you are significantly distressed but still in control, then you need to take a break, go to the bathroom or leave if possible to return. The key is going back in after the break instead of simply not returning. You must stay for aprox. 45 minutes as well or you will not allow enough time for your body to habituate and calm down. Effectively by leaving early you are making the event be remembered as extremely stressful.

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