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I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome about three weeks ago, this has forced me to reconsider my objectives when it comes to social anxiety. As there is no treatment to make someone 'not autistic' or 'neurotypical' my therapists have agreed with me that a more realistic goal is for me to accept who I am as an autistic person.

Some people here may suffer from autism and be undiagnosed, however it is likely that the majority suffer from social anxiety and are not autistic. Impaired social ability is a major component of Aspergers, but there are other symptoms and characteristics with which some people here will not identify.

If you feel you have Aspergers then you could mention it to your doctor, however it is not something to be wanting, because basically what it means for me is that I will always have this alienating feeling regardless of drugs or therapy. The most I can do is come to accept that and to accept myself for who I am.
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