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Originally Posted by devin880 View Post
Old habits die hard. Also the effects of mixing alcohol and anti-depressants are not specified very well. I saw on the Paxil website that mixing alcohol and paxil could cause drowsiness and potentiation of the alcohol effects. I didn't see anything about blackouts or memory loss.

That's a bit arrogrant, considering you don't know most, if any, of the people on here
It's not about mixing them, i'm sure most of the time you could be fine. Simply that alcohol is more powerful and it causes neuroapoptosis. And to cure depression/anxiety you need neurogenesis. So... you know... seems weird.

And i'm basing it on the fact that people here are constantly talking about drinking. You think you're the only one? Man go through the threads.

The people who drink think that these pills are this magic answer to their horrible lifestyle choices. And when the pills don't work, god forbid they blame their alcohol habits. If you are serious about fixing a problem, you have to go all in.

And trust me, this is coming from someone who developed quite the alcohol habit as it gave me this temporary relief. I knew I had to drop it.
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