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Originally Posted by kehcorpz View Post
How weird that so many people on here continue drinking when they have some mental issues. The very thing antidepressants do is countered by alcohol. Alcohol does the exact opposite. You will not win this battle against your illness if you continue to drink. Maybe in moderation once in a while but that's about it.
Old habits die hard. Also the effects of mixing alcohol and anti-depressants are not specified very well. I saw on the Paxil website that mixing alcohol and paxil could cause drowsiness and potentiation of the alcohol effects. I didn't see anything about blackouts or memory loss.

I'm convinced that the majority of people on here seem to not actually have a mental illness but caused their issues as a result of binge drinking. I read it all the time. It makes no sense.
That's a bit arrogrant, considering you don't know most, if any, of the people on here
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