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Originally Posted by daniel83 View Post
Hello all,

Today I've found a name for my phobia which I have besides social anxiety and agoraphobia. I did a random search on google and I know now that my phobia has a name and that I'm not alone.

I thought there are maybe some people here who have the same? Not that I wish it to anybody lol

It's like I'm scared of the sky usually it's better when it's cloudy. Sunny days with clear sky are especially unpleasant. I'm scared of wide open places where there's no place for me to run for cover, if that makes any sense. I also fear large tall buildings or statues or the like. I may have megalophobia as well.

hmm. At least this should be easier to treat than your social anxiety. Maybe getting proof that you cannot fall into the sky you might help? Researching physics and stuff. I know you probably consciously know this, but it might help the subconscious mind to recognize this.

Seeing videos of buildings or pictures of large buldings/objects could be the first step to help you overcome the fear of large objects. ( I got this idea from a video I watched about virtual exposure therapy).

good luck
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