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Works for me and my husband, but the effect depends on the brand

First time posting here.

My background is in physiology, and I'm researching the published literature on transport mechanism of GABA through the blood-brain barrier, but here's my anecdotal experience with GABA supplementation.

First brand I bought (Solaray 500mg) worked very well for my husband and for me. Better sleep, less anxiety throughout the day. We both took one at night and one in the morning.

Ran out of that brand and bought another, accidentally. Exactly the opposite effect. Could NOT sleep, and serious anxiety, almost panic for several days (not the same days for each person) during the week we were both taking the other brand. Strange, but nutritional supplements aren't often tested or regulated for content or fillers.

Bought one other brand during that week. Can't recall exactly, but it was Pharma-GABA I think ... chewables. Didn't seem to do much one way or the other.

Both of us came up with the idea of the brand independently, so I went and purchased the Solaray again. Worked. Sleeping, less anxious. Both of us. It would be rather unusual to have a psychosomatic effect on two people, especially with sleep, which is less subjective than anxiety.

Because my husband has had a terrible experience with benzodiazepenes (clonazepam, specifically), including dependence and an increase in overall anxiety, I'm very interested in how GABA supplementation impacts long-term anxiety and receptor activity. I don't want a short-term solution to cause another long-term issue. I'll keep researching.

Any other science nerds out there have a line on published information?
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