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Originally Posted by LesterKnox View Post
Absolutely! That's probably why it's so hard to deal with strangers. I think they already know my deepest, darkest secrets. (Let's face it, even the "normals" have deep, dark secrets.) The funny, or not so funny, thing is that when I experimented with marijuana many years ago, it would get to the point that I actually had a very hard time convincing myself that it wasn't so. I would sit there stoned out of my mind thinking of things just to test whether someone else could read my mind. Then something coincedental would happen and I'd be like "Aha!" There was a whole host of messed up stuff that marijuana began to do to my already chemically imbalanced brain, which is why I gave it up.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse the use of marijuana, especially for those who suffer from SAD.
I HAVE THe ANSWER!! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND UNDERSTAND.this is a little long but interesting as it answers all your questions. U will have a peace of mind. i promise. my friends and family call me VIGGI. trust me. I know what you are going through. NO ONE CAN READ YOUR THOUGHTS. PLEASE READ FULL TO KNOW EXACTLY WHATS HAPPENING we are all bunch of energies that has been from the big bang. Energy cant be destroyed nor created. you see signs, coincidences, random strangers telling something, that connects your life. this is just bunch of energies flowing. let me explain this. when u think something in your head, your body sends out energy that is corresponding to the thought. and that energy flows around. no one can pick up what you were thinking exactly by sensing ur body language.
there is universe..or u can say the ultimate truth. throughout the history of mankind, Prince siddhartha( u may know him as buddha..the buddhist god) is the only human beign who understood the truth of the universe.
the universe is unbiased. it rains on the just and unjust alike. it means everything is random. if u think something, and suddenly u hear someone say something that connects to your thought(even 100% accurately), it is just because u choose so. if u have more and more negetive thoughts, u get immersed in it more.
for example, when ur happy, ur playing ur favourite sport or doing something u love or are passionate about. think about tht situation. the level of ur paranoia is very less.
so basically, once when u started noticing these occurances, they got more and more frequent, that is because ur still holding on to the thought that people can read ur mind. THEY CANT.
for example> you are on a are low and depressed.ur thinking about something, and suddenly u hear a random guy telling his friend "SUPER KING". u think ohh ****, he knows my thoughts, he knows my life. cos super king is somehow connected to u.( right now, there might be someone, who is reading this and thinks i am using super kings in reference to him)
the same example. ur on the same street . thinking the same thought, but now ur joyful and happy. the guy still tells his friend "super kings".(because thts their conversation and only for them)
so no matter if ur happy or sad, words might pop up in reference to your life or thoughts. U are one in a 6 billions, not everyone around u is talking about you. those things u hear which makes u think tht people can read ur mind, are just mere words in a random conversation between random strangers. only u choose to hear them and go deep.
reasons why people cant hear your thoughts
A) did anyone ever say they can hear your thoughts
B)there are many people experiencing same things, so that means there are many people who can read minds, then all off them should hold a crystal ball and earn lots of money by reading minds.

so all i have to say is
A)think whatever crazy **** u want one can hear ur thoughts. ur head, ur private space.
B)people notice negetivity fear, dont be afraid. go out ..roam thinking freely whatever u want.
C) be confident even though u have dark thoughts. no one can read ur thoughts, but they can read ur guilt. body language is important.
D) go reconnect with ur friends man. ask them what they were upto.

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