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[QUOTE=rweezer36;1060061336]I went to this strip club once, and the girl I bought a lapdance from said I was a "hottie" at the get-go. As I tipped her more and more, her hidden feelings began to unravel like buttered yarn; she truly, madly, deeply wanted me. After the dance was over, she said she had a boyfriend and it could never be. We were star-crossed, doomed from happenstance, as many true loves are. So, my point is, if some girls are fake-flirty to you at their workplace, don't assume all of them are. Most of them, like Candy (what a beautiful name, kudos to her parents), are being completely earnest.[/QUOTE]

i really doubt that.. looks like Candy's got a great script, and is a wonderful actress. i noticed she came back to reality real quick when the lap dance was over, and the tip was taken. Smart girl.

and what the heck is "buttered yarn"?
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