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*nods* Very good. Very useful points there.

Just FYI- I got your message but I haven't found a good time to reply yet.

Originally Posted by R91 View Post
I totally forgot about another mechanism I have - go out and do something nice for someone else.

Whether that is helping an old lady across the street, picking up some litter, or even moving a snail off the road so it doesn't get squished. Make yourself feel useful and like you are contributing to someone's life in some small way. Not only are they likely to remember it, but you will feel a lot better knowing you have made a difference.

On a similar note - go and compliment someone. Doesn't have to be a stranger - maybe your mum is wearing a nice shirt. Maybe your neighbour has awesome plants in her garden. Maybe someone you know has gotten a haircut. Maybe a dog-owner has a really cute dog. Make someone's day - a few small words can go a long way. Never forget the power of speech - and this is going to help you with SA, too. Double score.
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