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**No Self-Harm Contract

I, ________________________ pledge to myself, that if I feel I might be in danger of harming myself, I will call my psychiatrist/therapist, _________________, at ________________or find a professional I can talk to either in ______________, or ________________.

If my counsellor or psychiatrist is not available I will call _________________ at _________________ .

I may also email ____________________, at ______________________, or ___________________ at ____________________.

Other people I can talk to or contact are:

1) SOS Hotline at __________________________
2) SOS email (for non-emergencies or to vent) at [email protected]
3) New Hope online counselling at
4) (Include a hospital name and address)
5) _____ at _____________________
6) _____ at _____________________
7) _____ at _____________________
8 ) _____ at _____________________

Other things I may do or try include:

1) Go to sleep
2) Watch a funny movie
3) Cry and allow myself to feel
4) Check my coping mechanisms and try every one depending on the feeling at hand
5) Urge surf
6) Find support elsewhere
7) Write
8 ) Read a book
9) Write down everything I am angry or upset about.

I am likely to feel better tomorrow, and if I donít, I will contact someone immediately to gain advice and support. I know these people are here to support me and I promise to try these coping mechanisms before I hurt myself. If I break this contract, I will take action and tell someone about it.

Signed, __________________________________________________
Dated, __________________________________________________ _

Side note - Please keep in mind that you have to personalise your contract to make sure you stick to it. There's no point in including "write" if you don't write, or including a psychiatrist/therapist if you don't currently have one. Make it your own!
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