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Fear of falling into the sky

Trust me! you deff arnt the only one with this issue. Mine may be a little different but im not sure. See, i have a huge fear of falling into the sky and i thought i was the only one who felt this way. Whenever i go to an amusement park i NEVER want to go on any of the upside-down rides. i am TERRIFIED to get on upside-down rides because i feel as if im going to fall right into the sky. I know it sounds crazy and all but i just feel as if its going to happen. its such an uncomfortable feeling. it scares the hell outta me! even though i cant flip i think i would b terrified to do a flip outside or being upside-down outside would scare the crap outta me! for this reason i dont get on any upside-down rides. ive only been on one in my life and it was a inside upside-down ride called Houdini's Great Escape, and i was even terrified on that one. Or like the other day when i was in a big wide open parking lot at night, i was looking up at the moon (which was so big) and i got scared as i was looking up and had to hold on to my boyfriend kuz i felt like i was going to fall into the sky again lol...idk why i have this fear, i just do! Also about a few weeks ago i got on one of those swing rides, u noe where u sit in these chairs and the ride gets higher and higher and swings you in a huge circle with a bung of other swings in front of you and behind you. we were so high up and the ride was goin at a above average speed to where i couldnt look into the sky kuz ONCE AGAIN i felt like i was going to fall into i could do was look down at all the people below me. weird!...[/FONT]
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