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ok so the illuminati are going to do a bunch of bad stuff. theres a red button in there secret illuminati underground base that can destroy the world. everythings is set the gears are already in motion. knowing this....what are you going to do about it? ...besides raise your blood pressure and lead yourself to a stroke or heart attack in the following weeks from today?

i got a better solution. get some guns. and just chill the hell out until the day the skies darken with 100,000 black helicopters. sound like a plan?

" Dad died and I slipped in a coma, I was awake but I listened to no one. I was distant, I was pissed off, I was the last living Christoff, and I was angry with the other side of my window. A side that I wasnt built for. A side that I wasnt fit for. Convinced I was better off indoors, untill my pills run out and my killed buzz makes me sick till I refill my script up "

Derek Christoff a.k.a D-Sisive
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