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K-pop sucks. Cheap, tacky, corrupt, evil.

I just discovered this site and noticed there was an old posting about K-pop. I wanted to tell you the truth about it.

First of all, K-pop has FAILED in the USA.

The Wonder Girls have released three songs and they went nowhere. 2NE1 has tried to crack the market and they failed. Rania failed. Girls Generation had a giant billboard in Times Square and THEY failed.

Right now in order to try to make megabucks in America, these Korean companies are BEGGING and PAYING American producers and songwriters to gain access to the charts. And it's not working. The performers SUCK.

Recently, in fact, the Korean pop group Girls Generation was on the Letterman Show. Ok, it's true they were on the last
5 minutes and Bill Murray was actually yawning while looking at this boring group.

Doesn't CBS know anything about these (corrupt) Korean companies?

Please google "SM Entertainment and slave contracts." Or "SM Entertainment payola". These K-pop companies are unbelievably corrupt and treat their preformers worse than cattle.

Every Asian knows that many of these companies are thoroughly disreputable.

There are rumors in Asia that Korean performers must sleep with executives etc. to get into groups.

Dave, why didn't you please ask these performers whether they were forced to sign slave contracts. Other performers for SM Entertainment had to......

One of the most famous bands was Super Junior from SM - one Chinese member left the group and escaped to China to avoid a long
term slave contract in which he received little money and through which he was overworked.

SM is not the only bad Korean company. In 2010 Korea was rocked by the Wonder Girls scandal.

Please google: "Korea Herald Wonder Girls Mistreated" or "Korea Herald JYP admits Wonder Girls lack insurance".

In fact, here are the links:

Two of these girls dropped out of high school to live without health insurance in illegal rooms in New York (which the city of NY ultimately shut down because they were dangerous to human life). One left the group (probably due to emotional problems due to her stay in the US) and was
replaced by another girl who dropped out of high school.

If you do a search engine search of: JYP admits Wonder Girls lack insurance, you'll see they entered the country illegally. Why aren't they in jail?

They lied to enter the country and violated visa laws by working here while pretending to be students. Hello Homeland Security - you are not upset by this?

Basically many of these K-pop companies are completely lawless. I think it is wrong to promote any of them in the USA.

Yet it looks as if Nick Cannon and the Jonas Brothers are doing this to try to make money. Don't they have any ethics?

Let these entertainment companies clean up their act if they want to make it in America.

People do not buy clothing from sweatshops - they should not buy K-pop from companies that are so bad to their performers.

CBS, Cannon and The Jonas Brothers are promoting a type of sweatshop by featuring SM performers CBS.

Spread the word! K-pop SUCKS!
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