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Originally Posted by Bradster View Post
After searching on the internet for; "I think I'm addicted to masturbating to Facebook pictures" - I found this thread... I have been depressed for the last year and have thought about starting to take medication after refusing it initially. After watching that video that the thread started posted about The Great Porn Experiment. I started to wonder...

Maybe I am addicted to porn? It sort of makes sense, I have no libido what so ever except when I am on my own in front of a computer or my iPhone. I thought it was because of the depression but now seeing that porn addiction can cause depression. I have a slightly new perspective on myself. I thought masturbating once a day was normal, but then I started masturbating two times a day, not it's up to four and I can't seem to stop looking for amateur porn and girls on Facebook in my friends list. I have even started masturbating to one girl in particular who is my best friend and knows about my deperession, she is really attractive and my addiction has reached the point where I can't not masturbate unless I have a picture of her up. I was afraid it would ruin my friendship with her so I seeked help through the internet instead of my counsellor because it is too embarrassing to speak to anyone about.

I am going to delete all traces of photos and porn websites from my Facebook, I am going to try and go 90 days without masturbating as of 1pm today and see how it goes.

Thank you for making this thread. I no longer feel alone with this problem, I thought I was a freak for this, now I know others have similar problems to me. It's an inspiration.
whacking it to facebook photos is just immoral
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