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Thanks Jim, I'm skeptical about antidepressant efficacy already, and becoming even more skeptical about mirtazapine! For me, being sedated indefinitely by this drug would just increase my depression, as I find it an unpleasant sedative effect. I've tried sticking with this drug 3 times already but have not succeeded.

Regarding the possibility that mirtazapine is not serotonergic at all, and therefore not really a dual action antidepressant, I first read a scathing review of both mirtazapine and mianserin by Dr Ken Gillman, an Australian psychiatrist who has a website called psychotropical. I know he believes mirtazapine does not increase serotonin activity, and he regards mianserin as being an ineffective antidepressant. As I said elsewhere, I found mianserin helpful myself, so I guess this again shows how everyone reacts individually to medications.
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