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Originally Posted by cindy8701 View Post
People drug shopping with little comprehension of neural underpinnings just piss me off.

I took 40mg of mirtazapine once daily for about 6 months, I also suffered from horrific insomnia so it barely had a 'sedative' effect, simply just put me to sleep at night. It didn't induce any motivation or happiness, it simply blunted the negative reactions... Oddly enough exactly what it is suppose to do.

I hear crack is great for induced happy mood and motivation, have you looked into that?
You have misunderstood me, although perhaps the way I worded my question is partly to blame. I'm not looking to get high off antidepressants, and in fact I know you cannot normally abuse them for this purpose even if that was someone's goal. People doing dumb s*** with medication annoys me too. I was just wanting to get a better understanding of mirtazapine's effects against depression, which I genuinely suffer from. Also I am not "drug shopping", as this medication was prescribed by my doctor.
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