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I need serious help!! :(

Reading some of your comments above is reassuring to know there are other people in my situation. But my addiction is spiralling out of control to the point where I'm getting into debt to fund my addiction. The only time I can stop myself from buying is to stay indoors and never go out which I can't do. I'm a single mother at Uni and I feel the pressure to look good because I don't have many friends. I've suffered with depression, drug addiction in the past and it's like I've replaced one addiction for another. I will literally buy anything if it looks good and I'll justify my reasons for buying it but it's mainly with clothes. I buy dvds, makeup, shoes/trainers, handbags, nail varnishes, perfumes, Yankee candles, expensive underwear and other household items as well as spoiling my child. Even going food shopping turns out to be a shopping spree buying way too much food and I'm not a big eater as it is so alot of it gets wasted 9/10 but as I said its getting worse and I don't know why but it's worrying me because I can't actually help it. Some might think I'm stupid and I should pull myself together, get a grip an all that but i wish it was that easy. I'm very troubled emotionally in my life an I know that it's obviously something to do with it but I could really do with some help!!!
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