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For those of you who are getting absolutely no effect from l-theanine in pill form, to be honest, all you really need is green tea. It helps if it's quality green tea but just about any kind will probably do.

I noticed right off when I started drinking tea a few years back that I got a really smooth, warm calm from it consistently. I started looking into it online and found that the l-thenine content was most likely responsible for this. I reasoned that if this was the case, I didn't really need to drink tea to get this feeling. I could just get it in pill form.

So I tried that with high expectations but I found the L-Theanine pills I bought (Kal brand) to be basically useless. Since I don't have much money to play with, I couldn't really afford to experiment with other brands.

After a little more searching on the web, I found that the theory on L-theanine is that the synergistic combination of it and caffeine in tea is what makes it work so maybe that's why. It may work to some degree on it's own and maybe that's why some people feel something and some don't. But most people probably feel relaxed yet alert after a cup of tea. Now you would think caffeine would be bad for anxiety and in truth, I think it is IF you overdo it. But tea doesn't give you the jitters like coffee and soda does. It also doesn't make me feel panicky unless I drink a lot of it.

Anyway, I have been a big advocate of tea for relaxation. Just remember. Drink it in moderation. I went through a period where I was drinking too much every day and I was a mess.

I tried to quit caffeine completely starting a few weeks ago. I would have a soda once in awhile but that was it. I noticed that I still had this empty, panicked feeling in the pit of my stomach that just wouldn't go away. About an hour ago, I made myself an 8 ounce cup of Chinese green tea and that feeling immediately went away within a few sips.

I think it is important to get a good brand of tea (loose tea if you can) but I know that Yamamotoyama seems to be an OK brand that is available in some stores and doesn't cost much. It's bags though. I did still some good mood enhancement from Lipton green tea but it wasn't as pronounced, didn't last as long and wasn't as smooth.
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