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My Critical Reasoning Class Just Turned Into a Public Speaking Debate Class

I have always disliked my Critical Reasoning class at college, mainly because the teacher is always all over the place with his teaching. He isn't a bad guy personality wise, just a bad teacher. I have been doing well in this class so far because it mostly dealt with finding faults in arguments and various other written assignments. The teacher announced a week ago that we would be partnered with two others in order to debate with another team in front of the class about controversial issues like abortion for the rest of the semester. WTF?! I didn't sign on for this BS. I watched the first two groups get into a lively debate last Thursday because everyone in the class is really social(of ******* course). The next six presenters, which could include me, are scheduled to debate this Thursday. The presentation is a huge part of my presentation grade, but I'm thinking about skipping anyway. I don't need this **** in my life. To make matters worse, I don't give a damn about most issues because I am an extremely passive and person. Abortion? I don't give a **** either way, as is the case with most issues. I hate when loud mouths get into arguments over **** like this in order to try and prove their point. How about this, I do whatever I want and you can do whatever you want? I'm pissed if you couldn't tell. The teacher took this class and completely flipped it on its *** for the next few months. What would you do?
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