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Finally found out I was not a control in the study I participated in. In other words, I went through a 12 week professional group CBT based anxiety program while taking D-Cycloserine. First and foremost, it should be noted that I have little to compare my experience with exposure therapy to, as I have never done any other exposure therapy programs. With that said, the exposure therapy, particularly the public speaking exposure, worked amazingly well. Although the exposures have not lasted until now (a year and a half later), I think there were some residual benefits, and while difficult to execute, the experience was positive on the whole.

I can't say how well exposure therapy would work for me otherwise, but with the drug I found that every week I improved greatly in my public speaking. It actually shocked me how quickly I was becoming comfortable with public speaking. Looking back, I should have expected that I was on D-Cycloserine.
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