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I've had a very different experience in Canada. Everything was free and done without any red tape.

After not really responding to treatment, my psychiatrist decided it would be prudent to re-assess me. We did explore the option of asperger's and other developmental disorders, especially considering how far my problems go back, but neither of us felt like it was the right diagnosis. Just to be certain, she referred me for an assessment with a pediatric psychiatrist, who also concluded that a developmental/autism spectrum disorder would be inappropriate.

So... far from needing to fight for it, the possibility was pretty fully explored despite the fact that everybody found it very unlikely. I realize not everybody has the same experiences though...

And while I've been given a fair bit of official diagnoses, both psychiatrists have made it clear that the labels aren't really important. They're useful for communicating my problems to other doctors, health insurance, or whatever, but treatment really needs to be individualized to each person's specific situations.
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