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5-HTP The Effects and Taken With Large Amounts Of Alcahol

I started taking 5-HTP sometime ago. My first few times I was very paranoid and thought I would die - I always react like this when I take any kid of drug or supplement I don't know what will happen. But once I understand the feel and understand what to expect I am fine. I take it a few times each week. And it does 'lift your mood'.

I am a big drinker and drink most days, but when im not this makes a great substitue for me without wanting many beers. But I heard that you shouldn't take 5-HTP when having beers. So I wanted to do a little test. After 12 large cans! Yes 12! haha.. ! I decided I would rip one of the tablets up and have 1/4 .. 1/2 of it in powder form (which is ment to hit you faster i think). Whilst the effects were more dramatic, I soon fell a sleep and was fine the next day.

I wouldn't recommend doing this after 12 beers for most people. But I'm not sure a beer or 2 a few hours after taking the tablet will be much of an issue.

Just thought i'd share this with you all.
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