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Ok, after giving up on getting any effects from the kona kava farm root powder I bought, I decided to try another vendor. After doing some searches I found a lot of people recommending 'melo melo' from bulakavahouse for anxiety because it doesn't produce any drunk or intoxicating feelings, making it practical for a lot of day to day situations such as interviews etc. Good review here...

I tried my 1st bowl yesterday (1 cup of water + 2 heaped tablespoons of root powder). I had no real idea what to expect but the effects are very different to alcohol or dope, that's for sure. This is not something you'd use as a substitute for beer or dope to get high or drunk, it's effects are very subtle, in fact they were almost unnoticable until I got up and left the house to go shopping. I felt a sense of calm and my thoughts were much more still than usual, at the same time it's not mentally or physically imparing at all. If you need to concentrate you can, otherwise the pointless random thoughts that race through the mind continuously seem to have vanished.

This stuff is definitely no placebo. I'm not convinced it's the magic bullet that would make extreme anxiety situations easy to manage (at least not the dose I took), but it definitely would take the edge off in a lot of moderately anxiety inducing situations. I'm going to try 2 cups (4 tablespoons kava) before my next social outing and I'll report back here afterwards!

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