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been taking it regularly for about 3 months now

There is a difference from when I first started taking it till now. While initially It made me kind of spacey and drowsy, and a touch of euphoria, those side effects have diminished quite a bit I think. Taking too much can cause some insomnia ( I avoid taking any after 5:00), and possibly put me right out of focus.
The right amount still works very well for SA for me. Night and day difference. It has some long lasting effects, (cumulative) and shorter term effects.. the shorter term SA relief lasts about 4 hours. Until you no longer feel the side effects, after taking it for a long time, you should avoid driving or doing anything requiring quick reactions. It will slow you down.

As far as liver toxicity goes, my limited bit of web research showed me that some studies have shown that that could be an issue but there doesn't seem to be strong evidence that I could find either way. One thing I do know... drinking as much alcohol as I used to is definitely bad for you. Also have gotten the odd looking 1 inch. sq.patch of raw looking but painless rash on a dry area of the body ( ie. elbow). Looks like the side effect I've seen pictures of on the net. Disappeared on it's own.

I have the correct thinking as far as SA is concerned, ex. (1/don't worry about what people think... it doesn't matter 2/ people, probably aren't thinking about me much at all..) so that helps.
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