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I originally came back because I wanted to post some quality info/link to Buspar, specifically relating to dosing and current established and recommended dose increase schedule. Its here:

My comments above were actually more conservative than whats recommended.

In your case, just as a layman, you seem more concerned with -possible- side effects than the possible help this could give you.

At a minimum this could help with the panic, though most likely not the agora. Not that I've happened to run across in my reading.

You may be one of those statistical outliers who just happens to be way more sensitive than most in the median standard deviation, or the center of the bell curve.

As such, I would consider doing what your doctor suggests, and maybe start Buspar, but after more thinking, considering your concern, see if you can get the 5mg Rx, and use a pill cutter to split them and do 2.5mg 2x/day and see how that works for a week or so. This drug is really like bringing a paring knife to carve the Thanksgiving turkey if that helps visualize things.
I doubt you'll see any affect either positive or negative at this level, but if might be easier on you mentally.
After a week, simply move to 5mg 2x/day, and monitor for a week.

On the flip side, after re-finding and reading my link above, I am going to start taking mine with food, and see if that improves bioabsorption and hopefully reduces the occasional short term light-headedness.
Either way, since I assume I have some form of GAD w/Panic on the side, similiar too you, I would really suggest you try to give it a shot.

Would like to hear how things go for you.
Best of luck.

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I'm really torn about this. My body is very sensitive to drugs. It couldn't handle SSRI's at all and Clonazepam was the only one it responded to with minimal side effects back in 2002. I just got a new doctor and she's gently suggesting this drug. She said it doesn't work for most people, but when it does work it REALLY works. What confuses me is that I was diagnosed with panic disorder & agoraphobia. GAD was a theory years ago...

The clincher is my disorder stems from the fear of the symptoms and it sounds like this drug emphasizes those symptoms (dizziness, nausea, not thinking straight...). I guess there's no harm in trying, right? I'm currently on Clonazpam (1 mg/day).
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