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I was prescribed 10 mg of Buspar three times a day originally. 30 minutes after taking the first pill, I passed out at the kitchen table. Luckily, my brother came by twenty minutes later and found me in a puddle of drool. It also gave me this horrible smelling black diarrhea for a couple days. So, my psychiatrist dropped me to 5mg two times a day. That left me light-headed and dizzy for the first three hours after taking it. The first half hour, I was fine, but I could feel it hit because I would lose focus and everything started spinning. The more active I was, the worse it became. However, if I laid down for three hours (awake not asleep) after taking the pill, then I didn't get dizzy at all. Kind of debilitating, but I stayed on it for three months. Never once did it decrease my anxiety attacks. Not even a little. After three months at 5mg twice per day, my psychiatrist bumped me to 10mg twice per day. One 10mg pill made me unable to function normally. The disorientation was impossible to deal with. I took this dosage for a few days and said the hell with it. I didn't get better. The cure has to be better than the disorder. In my case, it wasn't.
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