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I was prescribed Cymbalta for depression/social anxiety after not responding at all to Celexa. I increased slowly to my initial dose of 60mg, which I was on for about three months. I felt a slight increase in mood, but my anxiety didn't budge. We increased to 80mg, and I started feeling not-so-good. Most days I stayed pretty emotionally static - I wasn't feeling awful about anything, but nothing made me particularly happy either. That was okay. But I'd just hit these dips, usually at night, where I'd just get completely overwhelmed with despair and hopelessness. It happened about once or twice a week.

I explained this to my psychiatrist and we decided to try another SSRI. I came off the Cymbalta and started taking Paxil. Within the first week after decreasing off of the Cymbalta, I felt an immediate brightening of my mood and my baseline mood was noticeably higher than it was when I was taking Cymbalta. I don't know if it was from starting the Paxil or getting off the Cymbalta.

It did give me crazy dreams, which was interesting. I could fall asleep easier, however, I still had a lot of trouble with early waking. My focus didn't seem to have changed, however, when I got off of it I had severe problems with concentration and motivation (which has been the only bad part about changing to Paxil for me, so far - I've augmented with Welbutrin, but it's too early for me to know if it's working).
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