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For me? Let's see:

1. Procreate. Holy sh*t no. I don't want kids. At least not any time soon. There are already enough people on this planet anyways and I really don't want to lose my freedom (and believe me, kids take a lot of it)

2. Lose Virginity. Well yes I was sick and tired of being virgin. Why? I'll come to that later.

3. Feels good man. Yeah it does feel good. But it's not the Holy f*in' Grail neither. I mean, you have sex, you come. Big deal. But to be honest, coming when you masturbate and coming when you're having sex or receiving oral is the exact same physical feeling.
I was genuinely like "huh? Is that it?" when I was done having sex for the first time.

The reason why my virginity was starting to really run me down (I was 28 years old) was because of the idea that no woman had yet wanted to be intimate with me. For a man, this idea is not pleasant. It's not that I wanted to be able to tell the people around me that "yeahhhhh I had sex like a real stud man!!" because to be honest, whoever brags about his sex life is laughable. And you really don't have to be a stud to have sex.
I'm not a stud nor do I have a high sex drive.
No. To me, it was the idea that me, my body and my personality attracted a woman enough that she'd want to have sex with me. It's a confirmation to a man that a woman gets turned on by you.

Now, I will be the first one to say that if you're a late virgin, it doesn't mean you're ugly or anything. It probably means that you lack confidence, which is something you can do something about. Or perhaps you simply haven't met the right person. I know that sounds cliché, but it's true.
And truth be told, sex isn't the thing that will suddenly rock your world as people make it out to be. I'm still the same guy as I was before.
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